Spark Change & Pizza Empire have joined hands in helping those doing it tough!

Support our venture by Ordering online for yourself or Paying It Forward to help someone in need.

If you are genuinely doing it tough, call us directly on 0415 505 572 and we will arrange a meal for you or your family courtesy of Spark Change –

Please note:
1. Foodpacks are only available Tuesdays & Thursdays after 6pm. Pickup either Balmain or Bankstown. Delivery available upon request with a delivery fee and subject to drivers.
2. Food is prepared fresh, can last up to 5 days refrigerated.
3. Orders need to be in by the morning before the pickup day.
4. Pasta, risotto, lasagne and fried rice are portioned to 600gram takeaway container.
5. Vegetarian, halal and gluten free options available

Beef LasagneBeef Lasagne$9.99
Chicken Mushroom RissotoMushrooms, and Parmesan cheese$9.99
Garlic BreadGarlic Bread$3.50
Hawaiian PizzaHawaiian Pizza$10.00
Margherita PizzaTomato Garlic Sauce, Mozzarella, Buffalo Cheese, Roma Tomato, Basil Garnish$10.00
Mexicana PizzaTomato Garlic Sauce, Mozzarella, Beef Mince, Pepperoni, Capsicum, Onion & Chilli Flakes$10.00
Penne BologneseBeef mince cooked in garlic tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese$8.99
Penne BoscaiolaPenne Boscaiola$8.99
Penne CarbonaraPenne Carbonara$8.99
Penne Creamy Chicken MushroomRoasted Chicken, Mushrooms, Cream, Shallots & Parmesan Cheese$8.99
Penne Pesto 600gPenne Pesto 600g$10.00
Penne Vegetarian PastaPenne Vegetarian Pasta$10.00
Pepperoni PizzaTomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese & Pepperoni$10.00
Vegetarian Fried RiceVegetarian Fried Rice$8.99
1.25L Bottle of Coke1.25L Bottle of Coke$4.50